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Kaniatobe Fetish Necklace

(Item: CLIG-001)

Robert Kanaitobe (1936 - 1990)Fetish Necklace,  C 1990 26" handcarved fetish.  Necklace complete with origional carrying case, numbered card and handwritten explanation of the materials by his wife Kristin who assembled the necklace


Kaniatobe was a renowned American Indian artist and well known for making marvelous

   necklaces comprised of a multitude of materials.


   Kaniatobe was born in Tom, Oklahoma and attended Idabel Public Schools during his early

   years. He graduated from Chilocco Indian School (Oklahoma), served in the U. S. Army in the

   Medical Corps and was stationed in Alaska and France. He received a Bachelor of Arts Degree

   from San Francisco State University.


   His specialties were designing and carving ivory fetish figures, designing silver art works and

   sculpting in clay. In the 1980s, he began putting his carved fossilized fetish carvings together

   with various beads and forming exquisite necklaces.




Robert Kaniatobe Fetish Necklace
Robert Kaniatobe Fetish Necklace

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