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Native American Basket Collection


 Just Arrived Native American Basket Collection 

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Tlingit Basket
(Item: CBAG-030)
Aleut Basket
(Item: CMP-025)
Klamath Basket
(Item: CMP-024)
Mission Basket
(Item: CMP-022)
Makah Lidded Basket
(Item: CMP-021)
Apache Basket
(Item: CMP-020)
Pima Basket
(Item: CMP-016)
Apache Basket
(Item: CMP-015)
Pit River Basket
(Item: CMP-014)
Apache Basket
(Item: CMP-012)
Apache Basket
(Item: CMP-011)
Apache Basket
(Item: CMP-010)
Corn Husk Bag
(Item: CMP-009)
Apache Olla
(Item: CMP-008)
Yokut Basket
(Item: CMP-007)
Haida Hat
(Item: CMP-006)
Gambling Tray
(Item: CMP-004)
Pima Tray
(Item: CMP-003)
Yokut Basket
(Item: CMP-002)
Hupa Hat
(Item: CMP-001)

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